This year brought many challenges to our Santa Clara County Fair.  We would like to especially thank Salene Duarte for her countless hours and dedication to making the 2020 Virtual Fair a huge success!

Clover Foundation Virtual Fair Sponsorships

This year the Clover Foundation donated $10,000 towards the virtual auction and fair expenses. For each lamb, hog, and goat, we gave an additional $100 per 4H or FFA auction participant and $200 for each steer participant. Your contributions greatly helped make this year a huge success.

Thank You to The Add-On Contributors:

  • Cynthia & Sean Lydon 
  • Marcella Gulmon 
  • Steve & Mary Bartlett 
  • Regina Matthews 
  • Barbara Rumsby 
  • Kurt Stutzman 
  • Justin & Arleah Fields 
  • Lisa Toensfeldt 
  • Timothy Wood 
  • Jill & Andy DeBolt 
  • Katie Oxford 
  • Cynthia & Sean Lydon 
  • Patrick Caldwell 
  • Shirden and Sarah Flanders 
  • Jeff Arnett 
  • Eric & Susan Weaver 
  • Shinlou Data Entry 
  • Melissa Balderas 
  • David Peck 
  • Jolan Szoboszlay 
  • Christine Robison 
  • Hans Toensfeldt 
  • Marcella Gulmon 

Although this year was smaller than previous years, we still saw 20 hogs, 17 steer, 15 lambs, and 14 goats sold at the auction. In total participants brought in over $177,000 in sales. We thank our buyers enough this year for participating in our virtual fair. 

Heritage Hog

heritage hog 2020

heritage hog 2020

Exhibitor: Anna LaBarbera

Current Winning Bidder #: Abe & Jason 

Bids: 31 ($3,500.00)

Add-ons Total: $7,200.00

Club: Campbell FFA

Division: Independent Market Swine – Heritage Hog

Resale Weight: 255 lbs

City: San Jose

Exhibitor Notes: Thank you for supporting the 2020 Santa Clara Co. Junior Livestock Auction.


Thank you to all buyers and participants for a successful 2020 Virtual Santa Clara County Fair! We’ll see you next year.